Bourbon Drinking Squid

Bourbon Drinking Squid

Sliding down into dark silent depths, the bottle fell. Tiny lifeforms, frightened by the disturbance into their calm realm, flashed, creating currents of twirling green light. From whence it came, only the shadows knew.

As it drifted down, the bottle sensed being observed. Large curious eyes in the deep dark watched. The bottle reached out, expanding its will into the inky water. Tentacles reached back.

He had encountered bottles before. Many a stormy night, delicious things sank into his realm. The realm of the tentacled. The realm of the squid. Oh yes, he knew bottles. The stupid stupid fish could not understand bottles. He was clever. He alone knew their secrets. Wonderful tasty secrets that he shared with no one.

A quick twist and pull and the bottle was open. Long ago he had found a glass and liked to use it to slowly savor liquid released from the bottles. As he poured, a golden light crept into his darkness. Transfixing and alluring, it called to him. Understanding filled his body. He now knew what had to be done. He must consume every last drop. Then... then the world would learn to fear him. ____________________________________

Honestly, I didn't forget about coloring this guy. Well, maybe a little...

Special thanks to Mur Lafferty for the idea for this piece and Jason Adams for providing the most excellent name of the mystery bourbon. :)