Logos Logos Everywhere!

GBN Logo

Of late I've been doing a few logos. This first one is for... wait for it... Goblin: The Gaming Broadcast Network. I bet you would have never have guessed that. ;) At any rate this one was quite fun to do. My instructions from Sam Chupp (the proprietor of GBN) was to make a goblin.

I like goblins.

Actually, I like drawing any strange and unusual creature.

The middle dude originally had a goatee, but Sam pointed out that it conflicted with the visibility of the mp3 player. So, the goblin was sent to the local corner barber shop and got a nice clean shave.

GBN Podcast Logo

More information about GBN can be found over at the Goblin: The Gaming Broadcast Network website.

Indie Squid Kid Logo

Next, we have the cute, yet slightly distressed, squid logo for Jason Adam's newest blog devoted to his extensive collection of everything cephalopod and anything cephalopod shape. If it's got tentacles, he probably has one. Check out the indie squidy goodness over at the Indie Squid Kid.

Movie Mantras Logo

And lastly is the logo for a brand spanking so-new-there-isn't-even-a-first-episode-out-yet podcast called Movie Mantras by Martyn Casserly. A nice simple design that was done by Martyn himself, I just converted the little photographed sketch he sent me into a digital image. It did take us a while to sort out the best location and size of the camera image as unintentional strategic placement of the reels made the meditating guy look like a meditating well-endowed woman. Oops?

Want to know what it's about? How about giving the promo a listen?

MaAH Image 2

So, this one isn't a logo, but I did happen to do it around the same time. I also happened to neglect to post it here like all the rest.

This is a complementary image for the serialized audio novel, Murder at Avedon Hill by P.G. Holyfield, highlighting one of the scenes in the story.

This image I experimented a bit with layering some textures on top of the image to give it a bit more atmosphere. I think I like the final effect enough to repeat the process on future pieces.