'Tis the Beer Season

Microbrew SketchA couple of weeks ago it was the annual Oregon Garden Brewfest in Silverton, Oregon. We attended last year and enjoyed the event fairly well. We were also hoping to get some photos of the garden as well, but the cold spring had everything blooming several weeks behind schedule. So, alas, no flowers. Now, I'm not what you would call a beer drinker. Why on earth would I go to a brewfest you ask? Well, my husband likes beer and I like to taste. I also have a strange fascination with the art of brewing. It's a very interesting science. So, there you are.

Out of the eight brews that we sampled, here's how they all stacked up in my skewed opinion.



Great White Beer (Lost Coast)– This one is light but full-bodied and has a yummy herbal flavor. I may consider having a full glass of this one day. PranQster Style Golden Ale (North Coast Brewing Company ) – This has a nice flavor and texture. However, not as good as the Great White in my opinion, but still tasty. Believer Double Red Ale (Ninkasi Brewing) – Fairly thick in texture for a red, this one has an excellent flavor (lots of hops?), but I'm not a fan of the bitterness which was fairly prevalent. Skinny Dip (New Belgium) – It tastes very much like the Paulner Salvator. It has a nice roasted flavor of a dopplebock with some bitterness.


Brother Thelonius (North Coast Brewing Company) Pale Bock-Geist Bock (Golden Valley Brewery) – Smelled bad, but tasted OK. Downtown Brown Ale (Lost Coast)


Chili Beer (Calapooia Brewing Co) – Holy. Crap. Who's idea was it to flavor beer with chili peppers? Such a very VERY wrong combination. And, if the flavor wasn't enough, this was quite spicy hot. However, if you like the idea of drinking Anaheim/Serrano/Jalapeño chili pepper juice, this is the beverage for you. Apparently someone likes this flavor because it wasn't the only chili flavored beer there (the other was made by Rogue). Ick.


For the beer geeks out there, you can find more detailed information about these brews at the Oregon Garden Brewfest page (while it is still up). Or, visit the breweries website. Or, you can go pick up a bottle or two.