Scott Sigler Book Tour: Seattle, WA

Infected Overload!!On April 1st, Scott Sigler's highly anticipated printed version of his scifi/horror novel Infected hit bookshelves everywhere. In conjunction with this release, Scott is making the rounds at bookstores, performing readings, book signings, and meeting all his junkies. Friday, April 4th, the Future Dark Overlord™ himself visited the downtown Barnes & Nobel store in Seattle, WA. As luck (or fate) would have it, I had some floater vacation time that I gladly cashed in order to head up north early that day. AND, Andy was also free that day. Score.

So the plan was to head up early, but after sleeping in, watching TV and whatnot, it was close to 1PM before we were comfortably on I-5.

We were completely prepared to hit a wall of traffic around Olympia, WA, but as luck (or fate) would have it, there really wasn't any slow traffic all the way into downtown Seattle. However, the same couldn't be said for southbound traffic. Ick.

I did get some reading of Infected done on the way up. As I'm a fairly new Sigler junkie, I missed out on the initial release of the Infected podcast. By the time we arrived at our downtown hotel I was mostly done with the book. I did, however, make sure to snag a copy of the PDF when it was released, so I was already halfway through the story prior to the car ride.

Since we made it to Seattle in good time (three hours from Vancouver, WA) , it was only around 3PM and so we had plenty of time to wander around before the reading at 7PM.

We hit Pike's Place Market, and several of the shopping centers before hunting for a good place to have a nice dinner. We decided on trying out The Taphouse Grill (between Pine and Pike St. very close to the bookstore). It turned out to be a resounding success. The restaurant itself was down below street level and boasted a staggering selection of 160 beers on tap. It took Andy a long long time to figure out what to sample first.

The food and service was wonderful as well. We started out with the happy hour serving of some tomato bruschetta. I got the seafood linguine and Andy got the Guinness beef stew. I would highly recommend going to to his place if you are ever in Seattle. However, it looked like it was a fairly popular place, so the earlier you get there the better.

More Siger Reading from InfectedAfter dinner we wandered over to the bookstore and browsed a bit until the reading started. After wandering in the sci-fi/fantasy section, I literally stumbled upon where the store had Sigler setup. I found Andy then grabbed a seat in front.

Scott read from the prologue and the first chapter of Infected. Afterwards there was a Q&A session which I grabbed some video of per a request from a friend on Twitter that was going to miss out on all of Scott's tour locations (as he lives in England).

I don't know how long the Q&A went on for, but it was a while. I wasn't able to record the entire thing, but here are the highlights of what I was able to capture before my little camera ran out of memory.

[youtube EdMbXri900k]

[youtube zDz3_VLWYVI]

After the reading, we lined up for the signing. At the beginning of the reading, there was only about twenty of us. However, by the signing, our numbers had swelled to more than double. I ended up being towards the end of the line as I took some time to extract my copy of Infected from my bag of holding.

During the signing I gave Scott a 8.5x11in print of the Secret Lair Comic #0003 (which he seemed to appreciate). After receiving a nice personal signing from the FDO™, we gathered with the rest of the group. Shortly we received instructions on how to get to the chosen pub crawl bar. Most of the group took off right away (moving cars and whatnot), a couple of us stayed behind to follow Scott to the bar.

Unbeknownst to us, this bar was approximately five miles away... uphill... in pouring rain. Maybe I exaggerate... but not by much. ;-) At least we were in good company for the walk and we got to chat with Scott along the way.

Comet Pano

The "close to the bookstore" bar was called the Comet Tavern. First impressions weren't good. Come to think of it, second and third impressions weren't that good either. In any case, we ended up commandeering the back room. Scott regaled us with tales, both good and disturbing (Note: do not ask Sigler about the Second Life Dragon*Con panel). People got to ask more questions and everyone seemed to be having a fun time.

As the night wore on, the band that we paid a $6 cover for at the door, started playing. That pretty much killed our party. However, Scott made sure to take some photos with the folks that weren't wearing officially sanctioned FDO™ swag. I think there were four of us. Two were representing J.C. Hutchins and two (including myself) were representing Mur Lafferty. After saying our farewells, we all took off shortly after.

Sigler Displeased with Junkie Attire

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