The Secret Lair Gets a Pet

I have a new webcomic! Yay!

It's for awesomely entertaining The Secret Lair Podcast over at I'm not sure how frequently I'll be able to spit out a strip, but I plan on doing as many as I am able to imagine.

The premise of this comic will be centered around the proprietors of the Secret Lair (Kris Johnson and Chris Miller) and the crazy crap that happens at the Secret Lair. You'd be surprised at how much careful planning it takes to keep a secret lair fully operational. Not to mention all the administrative tasks. In addition, throw in all the high tech gizmos and hordes of minions and strange creatures required to maintain evil overlord status, and well, you're bound to have a few "accidents" and mishaps. Some planned, some not so much.

Oh, and since I have neglected to mention it earlier, I also did the logo and the avatars for the site as well.

That is all.

Go visit The Secret Lair already.