The Mighty Purple Urchin

The Mighty Purple Urchin

Lo, unto the creatures of the vast tide pools the mighty purple urchin did rule. Being a kind and just ruler, peace did prevail. However, one deep dark night, everything changed.

The good and gentle tide pool folk, awakened by the solemn rays of a red dawn, only found a pile of broken purple spines. 'Oh! Woe!' They did cry. 'What has happened to our mighty ruler? Oh crushing waves of the sea, surely it was not thee!?' The sea, caring not, whispered by surf. 'Oh no. Though I have tried for many a year to crush all of thee, it was not me. He was crushed by beak and tentacle.'


This is the drawing I was referring too in my last post. Just thought I would post it for comparison.

Technical Details Medium: Soft led colored pencils Paper: Drawing paper Physical Size: 12in X 12in