Awsomeness: Wasteland by Mur Lafferty

Wasteland by Mur LaffertyThe empress of podcast novels is at it again. Author, Mur Lafferty, has just released the latest season of her Heaven story series, Wasteland. AND she released the complete story. That's right, the complete story, from the first surreal episode to the final action packed ending, can be found over at

Yesterday, I quickly consumed the work as fast as I could pump the audio into my ears. I was not disappointed. In fact, far from it. Mur has, yet again, excelled in producing some of the most masterful story telling I've come across. So much so, that this has made it to my list of all time favorite stories. Of course I have been following the story since the beginning (Heaven, then Hell, followed by Earth), so I may be a bit biased as I have grown quite attached to the main characters. At any rate, listening to Kate and Daniel's adventures in the afterlife is like playing an engaging game of chess. Will the story move in the direction you think it's headed, or will a completely unexpected play be thrown? That, is what I love most about the Heaven stories, the often unexpected, yet marvelous twists and turns. Well, that and the wonderful humor. It makes for a fun journey, and Wasteland does not disappoint. Engaging and addictive, humorous and fast moving, Wasteland is an audio page-turner; it's nearly impossible to stop listening once you start. Plus, it has zeppelins! :-)

What's that? You say, "OK, I get it. It's teh AWESOME! However, you haven't said what the story is about."

Well, gentle reader, let me first say that while Wasteland is a must listen, you would be wise to consume the first three parts of the story before proceeding to the latest installment. With that said, here is the official description:

"Daniel has been forced from the afterlife to be exiled in the wasteland, with nothing but his misery and Kate’s dead body. But he is not without power entirely, and he begins to make his way in this world that looks less like a wasteland and more like another world. But the volatile power of the wasteland still touches this new world, and Daniel and his friends must not forget the trouble facing Heaven and Hell." - The Murverse

If you think that you have the will power to pace your listening of Wasteland, Mur is also releasing the story one episode per day on her website The Murverse.

Did I mention it has zeppelins? Zeppelins!!