The Gorgalthumper

Gorgalthumper Considers the Situation

A wary species, the gorgalthumper inhabits the swamps of the planet Chilon-12. The wild habits of this illusive species are not well known. However, space pirates in the sector containing Chilon-12 have found the creature to be a very loyal companion once the tumulus task of gaining a gorgalthumper's trust has been obtained.

Gorgalthumper Would Like A Biscuit

Suspicious by nature, the gorgalthumper is an expert at detecting deceit and treachery. As one can imagine, this makes the gorgalthumper and essential tool during pirate negotiations and bartering. They also have the uncanny ability to detect when danger approaches.

Gorgalthumper Doesn't Like the Look of You

This trait has made the creature very difficult to capture and only a few specially trained Chilonions tribesmen know the well protected secret. It has also caused the gorgalthumper to earn the reputation as an ill omen as their haunting calls will only be heard when bad things are on the horizon.

Gorgalthumper Takes a Nap