Playing for Keeps Characters - Set 2

PfK Character Cards - Set 2 by Natalie Metzger

Here is the second set of the Playing for Keeps character illustrations I have completed. The first set of characters can be found here.

Characters from top to bottom: Doodad, White Lightning, Ian

A few notes about these illustrations. I had a bit of trouble with the PCB (printed circuit board) design on Doodad's head. I originally left the circuit design in light pencil, but after scanning the image I found that the pencil was just too light. I redid the design, darkening the pencil on the original. I rescanned and extracted just the design. I then darkened the pencil to something I could work with in Photoshop and merged it with the inks from the first scan. Despite the difficulties, it turned out to be one of my favorites - what can I say, I love drawing robots.

White Lightning was interesting because of the lightning bolt. In retrospect, after letting it set for a month, I think next time I do lightning I'm going to change the ink color to blue - I think that may increase the impact even more. The reflection off of White Lightning's mask eyes took a bit of experimentation to get it right. Now, if I could only recall how I did it...

Ian's was fun because I had to figure out how to depict a flood of defecation spewing forth from his hand. The flies were an after thought. In reality, flies probably won't be drawn to the sent that quickly. However, Ian's powers are really really stinky, so you never know. ;)

Technical Details Medium: Mixed Media (misc. black artist pens, PhotoshopCS2) Paper: Bristol Physical Size: 2.5in X 3.5in Digital Size: 2.5in X 3.5in @ 300dpi