Heart of the Hunter Cover Art Finished

Yay! It's done.

Well, actually it was done a month or two ago but somehow it slipped my mind to post it. Better late than never right?

This cover piece was done for Sam Chupp's serialized audio novel called Heart of the Hunter. As I've said before, it's an awesome story. However, to reiterate, Heart of the Hunter is a wonderful fantasy full of action and gripping twists. Sam has created a rich world, full of history and magic, where a small band of misfits must traverse in order to complete their job. They quickly discover, however, that their job is much larger than they realized, and with more at stake than just a convoy of supplies. Sam had released his story in a free podcast type format. Go check it out!


Technical Details Medium: Digital (scanned inks, painted with Photoshop CS2 and Wacom tablet) Size: 8in X 10in, 300dpi