Murder at Avedon Hill - Vampire Hunting

Murder at Avedon Hill is a audio drama and novel by P.G. Holyfield. A masterful blend of fantasy and mystery, the story centers around the strange murder of Gretta Platt, Housemistress of Avedon Manor. Who could create such a crime? How did they get into the manor? Why would anyone want to do such a thing? These are just a few of the questions that Arames Kragen has come to find out. In the process he stumbles upon a growing list of mysteries surrounding the town of Avedon Hill than just the murder of one woman. Full of action and intrigue, this is a must listen for the fantasy and/or mystery story enthusiast. P.G. has done a wonderful job crafting this story.

This full bodied production, complete with music and excellent guest voices for some of the characters, can be found directly from the Murder at Avedon Hill website, or from Please note that the Podiobooks version does not have the author monologue at the beginning of each episode. Also, if you prefer good 'ol paperback, you can get a copy of the novel from Lulu soon.


This piece was done for a soon to be released video promo for the novel. It is based upon a scene from the novel where Father Jorrus tracks down a group of vampires. What are these foul creatures doing so near to the town? Better yet, does Jorrus make it out of this confrontation alive? Looks like you will need to go have a listen to the book to find out. I'm not about to spoil anything. :-)

Technical Details Medium: Mixed media (Pitt pens, digital coloring) Paper: Bristol Physical Size: 9in X 12in Digital Size: 2387 x 1512px