Giant Mantis Invades Atlanta

It was late afternoon of the last day of Dragon*Con. All the creatures, characters, superheros, and villains had left the city. Or so we thought. Little did we know that giant mutant insects had quietly taken over the city when no one was looking. The time was quickly approaching when the giant insects would execute their plan to take over the world!1

Actually, the big bugs had moved in back in April, but I think my version is more exciting. :) The exhibit is called "David Rogers' Big Bugs" and is at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens until the end of October. For a lack of anything better to do, we headed over to the gardens towards the end of the day Monday. We were not disappointed. They have a very well laid out display gardens (plus giant bugs, of course). Even more impressive, though, was the greenhouse exhibit. They had created an actual jungle inside, complete with huge trees, birds, mist, streams, and a curtain of roots that dangled down from a vine three plus stories above. The perfect lair for the giant insects to firm up their plans and rally their forces for the coming bug uprising.

Technical Details
Aperture Value: f/16
Focal Length: 34 mm
Exposure Program: Program
ISO: 400
Shutter Speed Value: 1/400 sec
Filter: UV

1This maybe related to the arachnids equally sinister plan of domination. Or, are the giant insects and spiders in competition for control over all life? Only time will tell.