Dragon*Con, In All Its Glory

I was originally going to post my entire experience at Dragon*Con. However, seeing as I am still on vacation and feeling a bit lazy, I settled on just doing the highlights (if you really want to see the full story, let me know and I'll send you a copy). Really, there's no point boring you with the gory details. I like y'all to much to do that. ;)

Ah, Dragon*Con... you will never find a more wretched hive of geeks and geekyness.
Here are the highlights of my experience, listed in no particular order.

1.) Meeting everyone. This by far was my favorite part of the con. It was so awesome to talk to people such as Mur Lafferty, Jason Adams, Chris Miller, Sam Chupp, and P.G. Holyfield in person. You all are wonderful folks! Alas, my shyness kicked in and I didn't get to talk or hang out with everyone as much as I would have liked. I also met J.C. Hutchins (author of 7th Son), Randy from Beatnik Turtle, and Brant Pileggi (a fellow Lulu TV contributor). All very cool.

2.) Signing Mur's giant hell note. *squee!* OK, that was just... wow. By the way, that was one über-giant hell note, Mur. Alright, there is a bit of a background story for those of you that have no clue what I'm talking about. Mur Lafferty is the author of a wonderful audionovel series called Heaven (Heaven, Hell, Earth, and soon to be created, Wastelands). Go download and have a listen. Anyway, in the story the main characters go to hell (and back). In one of the hells, they need some currency called hell notes to go talk to one of the gods. I got a normal sized hell note out of Mur's murcaching lunchbox. I had applied poorman's lamination (i.e. packaging tape) to the note because it was bit fragile and I wanted to use it as a bookmark. So, being the diligent Heaven fan I am, I brought the hell note with me and asked Mur to autograph. After Mur signed it and being tickled by the fact that I had it (yay!), she pulled out and had me sign the poster sized version of the hell note. Did I mention *squee!*? :)

3.) Watching Grant and Kari from the Mythbusters MCing the masquerade. The comments that were coming out of those two, especially Kari... oh wow. Very very funny. Probably the best quote was from Kari after the witchblade lady showed her costume. "Uh, sir, you have a bit of drool," she said, pointing to a random man in the first row. "Do you need some Kleenex?" A look of horror crossed Grant's face.

4.) The costumes, oh, the costumes. There were so many excellent costumes there, I'm not sure I could pick out the best one. There were also some uncanny lookalikes too - most notably Captain Jack Sparrow, Obi Wan, and Wolverine. Then there were the, OMG and the "my eyes! my eyes!" costumes. Most scary was the guy dressed as a naked guy. So very very VERY wrong.

5.) Seeing a rubber ducky get decapitated during robot battles. Such a violent sport, robot battles. You probably need a better description that that, eh? Well, OK. The robot battles take place on a slightly elevated stage littered with rubber ducky obstacles. The robots are equipped with various sharp pointy things. Two robots battle at a time. The point of the battle is to knock your opponent's robot off the stage or disable it. During the process, much duck carnage ensues. Despite being fairly resilient creatures, one duck did not make it home to his family. However, one lucky kid in the audience got to take the duck head home... to, uh, love and cherish?

6.) Attending the podcasting panels. I would have to say these were the best panels that we attended. Podcasters ROCK! We attended the Signal, Wingin' It 3D, Lulu TV, Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd, and Podcasting Your Writing. All were very well done and entertaining. During the Lulu TV panel, Mur and Jason performed an improv. This Day in Alternate History while Matthew Wayne Selznick acted out the scene in the background.

7.) Playing Spirit of the Century with Sam. After listening to the Rolemonkeys' SotC sessions from the House of the Harping Monkey, I really wanted to try the game for myself, but I was missing, well... a local RPG group. So when Sam said he was going to host a few games at the con, I jumped on the chance. I was not disappointed. Sam was a great (and very patient) GM. We had a great time, despite my RPGing skillz being pathetic. The game started out at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. There were six of us. It began as a mysterious obelisk was unveiled and two incinerated bodies were discovered in a charred heap at the base of the artifact. Much hilarity ensued mixed with fire lions, curses, explosions, sneaking around, vulture claw of evilness, oh, and a zeppelin! It was great. I would give you a better summery, but it was involve a lot of "and that was called the *mumblemumble*." Did I mention that I suck at remembering names?

8.) Watching the Throwing Toasters show.
Grant Baciocco performed in a tiny little room in the bowels of the Hyatt. Excellent show. Grant is such a great entertainer. Hilarious! Actually I was going to tell Grant that afterward and congratulate him on his Parsec award for Dr. Floyd, but when we were looking at the CDs he mysteriously disappeared. Spooky. I wanted to go watch some of his other shows during the con, but we got distracted by other things.

9.) Attending the Parsec awards. Despite all the teasing during the awards, I thought the script was very good. Also, many good podcasts got recognized and awarded. Plus, Beatnik Turtle and the Brobdingnagian Bards did wonderful performances.