Heart of the Hunter Sketch

For those of you that aren't familiar with Heart of the Hunter, it's a serialized audio novel written and performed by Sam Chupp. Story Synopsis (excerpt from The Bear's Grove Bardic Circle):

When the Hoskins Irregulars announce they are recruiting for a trip north from the city of Blacpool, the job attracts freebooters, wanderers, and ne’er-do-wells:

Peter Goldpond, a veteran mercenary who’s in hip deep with a loan shark;

Raven, a young half-Lunargenti sneak-thief girl with a dark secret;

and Auryn, a mysterous wunjo Gypsy wanderer in threadbare silk.

Together with an unassuming shepherd named Alobar, the company must find a way to get two large mercantile wagons North up the old River Road to Irontown in the Coldwastes; a road that has gone unused since the Gnael-tongue raids of last summer.

Little do they know that more than just their lives and their pay hang in the balance.

It's a fun fantasy story, and it just keeps getting better and better with each chapter. However, don't have to take my word for it, go have a listen for yourself! ____________________________________________________

This is the final pencils for the Heart of the Hunter project I have been working on for Sam Chupp. I had to darken the scan so that the image could be seen. Next step, inks!

Technical Details Medium: Pencil (HB) Paper: Bristol paper Physical Size: 8in X 10in