Happy Earthling Day!

Recently, the folks at LuLu TV made the call for user submitted scripts for their daily vlog, This Day in Alternative History (a.k.a. TDAH for the acronym happy crowd). I thought, what that heck, it would be fun to write a small script. So off I went to find an event that I could have my way with. A week ago I was informed that my script was chosen for August 21st, 2007. Those of you keeping track may have noticed that yesterday was the 21st. Here is my script performed most brilliantly by Mur Lafferty and Jason Adams (you guys ROCK! \A/).

In case you haven't figured it out already, TDAH takes an event (or events) that happened on this day in history and tweaks it to something crazy and fantastic. As they say, they put the story in history. :) Oh, and if you want to try writing a script of your very own to submit, the details can be found here.