The Monkey Within is Complete!

I don't believe it myself, but there it is. Done, complete, finished, in all its monkey glory. The scan doesn't show it very well, but I edged the orange frame and the outside of the red frame with gold paint. Funny story about the gold paint... I was finishing up the orange frame when the gold paint pen decided to dump a puddle onto the piece. An hour later I fixed the spot where it dribbled. Stupid defective pen. :-S

Anyway, this turned out to be a mixed media piece. As you may or may not have seen during the making of this piece, I used black pens as the outline. The monkey is mostly colored pencil with some black pen and some white paint pen for the highlights. The background is mostly acrylic paints with some white paint pen for highlights and a tiny bit of colored pencil on the mountain outlines. You may have noticed that I changed the color of the ground. I decided that the green was not working and turned the ground brown with some texturing with a white wash.

I was thinking about writing a little story for the monkey, but it being too early on a Sunday morning, I hope you understand me when I say the words just aren't flowing. Maybe sometime in the near future the hairy guy will have a story. Perhaps one of you, my five readers, want to make up a story for him? If you do, email me at the address listed in the contact section on sidebar of this blog. I'll post the stories here (if I get any).

Technical Details
Medium: Mixed Media (Pitt pens, Prismacolor pencils, acrylic paints, gold and white paint pens)
Paper: Bristol paper
Physical Size: 14in X 14in
Time: Too many hours