The Adventures of Mighty Mur

This sketch was done for Mur Lafferty in response to her Murcaching activity as detailed during a Geek Fu Action Grip episode.

I received the Wonder Woman lunch box some time last week whilst I was away on vacation. As requested by the instructions contained within, I made this little drawing for Mur. I was contemplating adding a Tiara of Power to the drawing, but decided not to because of the difficulty with such a small piece. Perhaps if I ever do a larger drawing of the masked wonder, the Tiara of Power will make an appearance, showing off the true might that is Mur.

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Whooie! That's a lotta Mur!

Technical Details
Medium: 2H, HB, and 2B pencils
Paper: Bristol paper
Size: 5in X 6in
Time: few hours
Challenges: working details in such a small space