Squid + Pie

Euryale the squid loved pie. She used to like shrimp, fish, and the occasional chunk of whale, but that was before pie. It floated down into the inky depths one stormy evening. Ever since that first sublime taste, Euryale has hunted the elusive pie to the ends of the seas. Old sailors say, on stormy nights, where land is but a dream, sometimes you can hear Euryale singing out from the depths. She is calling to the vessels carrying pie to a distant land, calling them into her open tentacles.

Come to me sweet pie
To the depths, meet with me
Quickly now, make haste I plea
For without you I shall surely die
Closer I come, I feel you nearby
Though net and snare, I come to thee
Follow my voice into the sea
Dearest pie you cannot escape my eye
Over wave and wind you try to run
But I have found you, you cannot hide
Almost there, I can almost taste your sweet filling
Silently and swiftly towards you I glide
I have you! The hunt is done
You are mine, my pie, my darling

This piece isn't quite done yet. There needs to be some serious shading done and the long tentacles should probably be darkened to more of the body color. I am coloring this piece in Photoshop, so it might actually get done sometime this year ;-)

Technical Details
Medium: Pitt pens, colored in Photoshop
Paper: Bristol paper
Size: 9in X 12in
Time: unknown