Fern Canyon

Vacation Day 2: This day we drove down 101 starting at Coos Bay, OR and ending at Eureka, CA. As we were passing through the Redwoods State Park just north of Eureka, I suggested that we go over to Fern Canyon. After driving for about 5 miles on a single lane dirt road (apparently gravel cost too much and asphalt was WAY out of the budget) we were greeted by a manned park fee booth.

Seems a bit out of place, but alright.

We were informed that it would cost $6 to use that part of the park.

Really? Well, okay.

We were informed, as we forked over the cash, that there were a few streams crossing the road ahead and to put the windows up otherwise we would get wet.

Um... so why is there a $6 fee? Doesn't seem to be actually going into park improvements... Oh well.

A few more miles down yet another dirt road. Stream crossing #1. Now, I'm no expert at fluid dynamics, but it would seem to me you would have to be going crazy fast crossing that stream to get "splashed". I don't think we could have gotten the car to drive that fast on that road even if we wanted to.

Stream #1 crossed. More dirt road.

Enter stream #2. There was a car going the other direction with someone out directing the car. Seriously, I've driven through puddles on the highway deeper than that stream. Well, whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy I guess.

More dirt road. Finally, after 8+ miles of road and two streams we made it to the trail head leading to fern canyon.

As we pulled in to the fairly full parking lot. There was an elk grazing just up the trail a bit in the meadow. So, we grabbed our cameras and headed up the trail. Turned out there was actually a small herd of males grazing in the meadow. It was late in the day and the angle of the sun was sharp creating some great back lighting. This is one of the better photos I took.

Fern canyon was pretty nifty keen. In fact, better than I had remembered. Of course last time involved a 9 mile round trip hike to the canyon, so my expectations may have been a bit high at the time.

Despite the crappy road and the $6 fee, I would highly recommend the trip to anyone visiting the area. Makes you feel like you are back in some prehistoric age with all the ferns clinging to the vertical sides of the small canyon. In fact there are a couple of photos Andy and I took of each other that I am thinking about inserting some wildlife from another age. ;-)

Technical Details
Aperture Value: f/5.6
Focal Length: 200 mm
Metering Mode: Multi-Segment
Exposure Program: Program
ISO: 800 (at some point this got accidentally set... would have preferred 200)
Shutter Speed Value: 1/640 sec