Brain Scavenging Zombie Slugs

Copyright © Len Peralta

This is how it happened... Someone posted on Twitter that Jonathan Coulton had a new song out called Octopus. So, being the curious type, I went over to JoCo's site to check it out. Turns out a guy called Len Peralta did a piece of artwork to go with this song. Intrigued, I found my way over to Len Peralta's site, Jawbone Radio (a fun podcast by the way). Upon, further exploration, I found his Monster by Mail project."Pray tell, what is that you speak of?" I hear you ask.

Well, this is how it works. You send Len a title for the monster of your desires and he will draw up your monster and send it to you. For the summer, the theme of Monster by Mail is zombies. Yes folks, you heard me right, ZOMBIES!!! So, all of you that have a great zombie idea that you would like to see in all its rotting flesh brain eating glory, head on over to Monster by Mail. Depending upon how much of your hard earned moolah you wish to dedicate to your monster creation, you can get just the art, art plus a video of your creature coming to life, or art plus video plus a super awesome nifty zombie t-shirt.

"That is all well and good," you say, "but can I see some previous zombies and monsters that were created?"

Yes, yes you can. Len did the above Brain Scavenging Zombie Slug for me last week (which I heart how it turned out). You can also see all the monsters and zombies he has created over at his flickr page.

Also, check out all the art videos. Not only are they fun to watch, but they give valuable incite for budding artists to learn from Len's techniques.

Happy zombie creating!