Big Eyed Fish

Smallest of the Ooglemister fish subspecies, the big eyed fish (a.k.a. the Snodlooooken Ooglemister) of Umtar Five inhabits Umtarian residential sewage pipes and small fresh water streams. There have been many reports of Snodlooooken's wriggling their way into toilet bowls. Scientists believe that this behavior can be attributed to dwindling natural Snodlooooken breeding pools. Many a startled Umtarian, wandering into their bathroom in the middle of the night to take care of business, have discovered their toilet full of the 3cm long fish.

Steps are being taken to help preserve and increase the number of natural Snodlooooken breeding pools in the wild in hopes of encouraging the fish to stop their nightly toilet invasions.

This was a random little drawing I did while watching TV the other night. I just started with the big eyes and it evolved from there. I may add some color at some point.

Technical Details
Medium: Pitt pens
Paper: Bristol paper
Size: ~ 5in X 4in
Time: 10-20mins