Monkey Within (Color Parts 2-6)

Alright, so I finally remembered to pull these photos of the monkey's progress off of my camera. Sorry, I would have scanned them, but I didn't feel up to the challenge. Pay no attention to the attractive strips of blue masking tape....

In this one I added a layer of orange paint and smooshed it about with some crumpled plastic wrap to get the texture.

Then I did some under painting of the background with watered down acrylics.

I then decided to start painting the circle border with some red that I added a bit of brown and orange to.

That followed with thickening the interior edge of the circle and adding more color to the ground and the inner border. I'm not happy with the ground so far, so I will be tweaking that at some point.

I started working on the mountains, but the color turned out way too dark. One of these days I may actually get the hang of paints.