Orc Warrior

It's finally done. Hooray!
In actuality I think I just set a new speed record for finishing a detailed drawing.
Anyway, here he is, [insert orc name here], in all his orcish glory (with shiny axe). As you may have noticed, he still needs a name. The only name I can come up with is Kronk the Jubilant... but I'm not convinced. Still open to suggestions. On a side note, I think this is the most clean-shaven orc I've ever seen...

UPDATE: We have a winner! Mr. Orc now has a name and it is ::drum roll:: Warrior Ootj'k, of the G'nprah Clan (part of the Yekn'm Tribe).

Technical Details
Medium: 2H, HB, and 2B pencils
Paper: 50lb acid free paper
Size: 9in X 12in
Time: didn't keep track of how much time it took
Challenges: the fur and the chain mail - why oh why did I decide to do chain mail?