More Monkey (Still in Progress)

Getting close to the final line art drawing. As you can see a lot has been done since the first crappy sketch. I cleaned up the drawing tremendously. Pretty much everything has been fixed. I also started to add a bit of a Tibetan/Mongolian motif around the monkey. I'm going to probably add one more layer to the motif and finish off the background. Once that is done I'm planning to transfer the drawing to a larger, better quality, sheet of paper (as much as I love that attractive fold down the middle of the drawing ;). I'm even contemplating adding one more decorative border around the entire piece depending upon how much space I have to work with after the transfer. Oh, yeah, and I also have to actually MAKE a light table. No worries though, as I have purchased the Plexiglas and the light, and there is definitely enough scrap wood in the garage for the box.