Monkey Within (Color Part 1)

Yesterday morning I finally got around to applying the first color wash to the inked drawing. I decided that since I am going to be coloring the monkey gray/pink and the mountains and clouds blue, I didn't want to wash the entire painting yellow. I think I will wash the inside a light blue or light gray when the time comes. In the meantime I am going to be doing one more wash (I think) to the border.

I also noticed a few days ago that the monkey isn't quite centered in the small frame. :^(
Since I didn't want to redo it I'm going to say it's an artistic metaphor... some type of subtle symbolism about how the monkey is trying to get centered, but hasn't quite reached it yet. You'll buy that, right? ;^)

By the way, I'm using acrylic paints.

Also, if anyone is interested to see how real professional illustrators work (i.e. not me), I found this rockin' tutorial. Check it out. It is quite amazing.