The blind leading the blind….

It was one of those gotta-take-a-second-look moments. I was walking past Pioneer Courthouse in downtown Portland the other day and there was a large group of people hanging around one of the statue fountains. Normally, one could expect many groups of people hanging around that spot. Of course, normally those people would mostly consist of either homeless people or grungy dreadlocky pierced teenagers asking people for smokes. This time is was a group of blind folks. They didn't look homeless and they weren't bumming smokes... hmmm.... odd.

They were on a tour.

Yes, a tour. THAT is what got the second look.

While that idea, in itself, is not all that odd, the tour guide also appeared to be blind.
I didn't think I'd actually see the old adage "the blind leading the blind" materialize word for word.

Out of curiosity, you find yourself asking... "so... how does a blind tour work?"

The tour guide stopped in front of one of fountains and announced to the group that if they felt around they would find some statues of animals. The tour group starts poking around. One unfortunate group member trips over a fawn statue on the ground. Others manage to find the a deer statue and start feeling it and commenting on how lovely it is.

I was torn between laughing and thinking how cool that was. I compromised. I giggled then thought about how cool it was. :)