Spirit of the Century Character Sketches

So I decided it was about time for me to really attempt to learn how to draw the human body. As I was listening to a Spirit of the Century (RPG) game session over at the The Harping Monkey, I got inspired to try my hand at some of the characters. One of the players suggested that it might be fun to see what any of the Harping Monkey forum patrons thought their characters looked like.

So, here are the four player characters as I interpreted them. As you can see, I still need quite a bit of practice with the whole biped humanoid drawing thing. Hopefully I am improving ;)

If anyone is interested in listening to the Spirit of the Century game sessions, they can be found HERE.

This first prim and proper fellow is Sir Nathan Appleby. He is the perfect English gentleman. He also happens to have a special sword (the Fang of Gurok) hidden in his cane.

So, this sketch didn't turn out too bad. The pose is a bit stiff - I may have taken the "stiff upper lip" a bit too far. ;) The wrinkling in the clothes needs some work, and I think the hands could have been a bit larger.

This second fellow is American fly boy, Captain Joey Shade. Cocky and handsome, he wears his special anti-everything pilots jacket and has an uncanny ability to pull a gun out of thin air.
I tried an interesting perspective on this one. The arm didn't turn out quite right, but the clothes wrinkling turned out a bit better. This was also the first handgun I've done too. I really like how it turned out. :)

This character is gadgeteer, Stan Rocket. He if its broken he can fix it, and if it isn't broken he can make it ten times better than what it was. This specific scene is when the foursome are in the basement of a grand hotel in the Swiss alps. They were investigating the area when they were attacked by the dreaded Arachnid Cabal. During the foray, clever Stan Rocket discovered a bomb that was planted there by his nemesis, Heinrich Monkeywrench (hence the little monkey wrench on the floor). But, master kludger, Stan Rocket, quickly defused the situation.
I think I got the lower half of the body dead on. The hands, again, need to be a bit larger. The shirt turned out pretty good too (mostly). The arms also need a bit of work.

Last, but not least, is British spy, Townsend York. With his uncanny ability to read a situation, Townsend York usually figures out what's going on before most.
For this one I tried a classic superhero pose. The proportions turned out okay. The hands turned out better too. The feet could use come more work as could the clothing.