The Wizard Cat (Part II)

Saddlewags was sprawled out on the warm slate tiles of the garden shed, soaking up the midday sun as only a cat can do, when his master, Mr. Twaddle found him. Saddlewags casually lifted up his large fluffy ginger head and watched with mild interest through emerald eyes as his master pulled out a rickety old step ladder, placed it against the shed, and made a bold attempt at climbing.

The first step ended with a crack as the first rung snapped cleanly in half. The second attempt involved a violent and uncontrollable shaking of the ladder and ended in Mr. Twaddle laying on his back on the neatly trimmed garden lawn.

Saddlewags decided that he should get some grooming in while he watched the strange show that his master performed for him. He started licking his slightly dusty paw and nibbled in between his claws like his mum taught him when he was a kitten.

Mr. Twaddle stood back up and dusted himself off. He then looked up at Saddlewags and called out to his pet.

"Here Saddlewags. Saaaddlewaaags. Here kitty kitty."

Saddlewags stopped mid-lick. He didn't understand why his master was calling out his name. Couldn't his master clearly see that he had his full attention? Humans, thought Saddlewags, what strange creatures.

Mr. Twaddle was now flapping his arms back and forth and threw his body forward and backward a couple of times. Saddlewags looked on with his little pink tongue still sticking halfway out of his mouth. The performance his master was putting on was so enthralling that he had forgotten completely about his grooming. Mr. Twaddle then slumped over, then jerked up with a start, and reached inside his pocket, searching franticly for something. With an expression of discovery, Mr. Twaddle pulled a small fish shaped cookie out of his pocket, and held it up so that Saddlewags could see it.

Saddlewags sat up in excitement. "Is that for me?" Saddlewags asked his master in curious meows.

"Would Mr. Saddlewags like a fishy?" Cooed Mr. Twaddle.

"It is for me? Hell ya! Hold on, I need to get down." Mewed Saddlewags excitedly as he ran to the edge of the tool shed roof and found a nice spot to jump down.

Mr. Twaddle crouched down and gave Saddlewags the treat as he came trotting over, tail held high. He then picked up the heavy feline and carried him over to the front door, where the cat was gently set down and a small stone-like charm was attached to his leather collar.