The Wizard Cat (Part I)

"Lovely weather we're having, don't you think, Mr. Twaddle?"

Mr. Twaddle turned away from his task at hand and looked at the frail figure of Mrs. Cwaddeltwatch, his elderly neighbor. She was smiling at him kindly, her bright pink shawl draped over her thin shoulders like a large pink tongue.

"Oh, hello there, Mrs. Cwaddeltwatch. I didn't see you there. I just got this cat door for Saddlewags - me beloved kitty." Mr. Twaddle explained as he pointed to a large hole that he was excavating out of his thick wooden front door.

"Ooooh, well isn't that lovely. What a clever idea. What will they think of next?"

"Aye. I spared no expense. I gots the deluxe model, I did." Mr. Twaddle was clearly excited now. He pulled on the pile of wooden bits that one might assume were the parts.

"You see this bit here? Well, I puts a special fiddly thingy on his collar and it tells this wobbly bit here," he held up a piece that looked a bit like a dead earthworm encased in a tube, "that the pussy wants to come in and then this other jobby," he waved a piece that looked suspiciously like a spork, "to open the hole for the kitty so it can trot on through."

Mr. Twaddle grinned largely at a dazed and confused Mrs. Cwaddeltwatch.

Mrs. Cwaddeltwatch just smiled kindly and nodded. "Well isn't that nice."

As she left, Mr. Twaddle got back to his task at hand. It only took him a couple more hours to finish. He took out the little round charm that activated the door and waved it in front of it. There was a clink and a small squishy sound and then the door slid quietly open.

He ran off to find Saddlewags.

The cat door quietly closed behind him.