Awkward Adaptations

About a month ago I was approached by Meltem Bilgic to see if I had any interest in illustrating the awkward adaptations of nature for a new science blog she was developing.




Yes I do.


So much.


Fast forward to today. The first article went up yesterday which is about a marsupial that mates itself to death. The cartoon for this, as one might imagine, was very fun to design. Please check it out and subscribe and/or share.

Change of Profession

Because I can't remember who I have and have not told at this point, I figured I'd make a fancy blog post announcement about my recent career change. At the end of last year I quit my day job to put full focus into changing professions from engineering/IT to UX/Visual Design. At the beginning of this year I started an intensive bootcamp/apprentiship that is covering UX design, visual design, and frontend design to hone my skills and build up a portfolio for this type of work. After many years searching and deciding where to move my career, I came to the realization that IT was not where I wanted to stay and that visual design has been my top interest for a long time. Additionally, I wanted to have the brain-space to put more focus into my illustration work and I felt that moving towards a career in design would strengthen skills that would also work for illustration.


Currently I'm about halfway through the design program. I'm also working on some book cover mockups and picture books on the illustration side of things. So, if anyone I know has their toes in these field I'd love to chat. Or, if anyone just would like to chat about any of these fields, I'm always happy to talk shop. 


Monster Hunter World Fan Art

Here are all the Monster Hunter World fan art pieces I did for this year's month of monsters.

I've really like this game--in case you couldn't tell--but I wish there was a dynamic for training up any monsters you capture. Maybe there is and I haven't found it it yet? A lady can dream, right? I really like how the game designers have made a full ecosystem with all the critters and that there are big ol' pile of scientist studying the endemic life of the island. My favorite part is just being able to wander around exploring and collecting stuff for the scientists, oh, and dressing up my palico buddy in ridiculous armor. And yes, my outfit includes a skull helmet, as if there was any doubt. #TeamSkullHat4EVA


Currently I'm only one or two quests into the coral forest area (soooo pretty). I'd like to do a few more of these pieces, especially the cute bubble bat monster which would be my number one pick for an adorable monster pal.


Anyone else enjoying the game? I'm always looking for an excuse to geek out over monsters.

Month of Monsters

Hey everyone!


This year I have moved Month of Monsters to be in March instead of October. There was far too many challenges going on in the fall and I thought March would be a good switch--plus yay for alliteration!


Anyway, as is custom, I am already behind! So much so that I forgot to do this announcement three days into the month. 


ANYWAY, if you want to participate, here is the offical website and details ->


Happy Monstering!