Oregon Reads Aloud is SOLD OUT

It has come to my attention that Oregon Reads Aloud, which I illustrated one of the stories, is currently sold out. On the one hand, YAY AMAZESAUCE! It's wonderful that this book is doing so well. On the other hand, anyone hoping to get a copy will have to wait. Last I heard, the publisher is planning on doing another printing, so there is some hope that more copies will be available soon-ish. I'll make sure to post again if and when I hear more.

There has also been talk about a few more author/illustrator signing events in the Portland (Oregon) metro area. There was at least one event that had to be cancelled do to the book being sold out. Which, fair.  Again, I'll make an announcement as soon as I hear more.


Until then, oh my goodness, thanks so very much to everyone who has purchased a copy. SMART does amazing work promoting reading, and the love of reading in children. The success of this book helps them do even more work with children's literacy.

Miniatures is Out Today!

Hello! Did you know this charming little book written by John Scalzi, published by Subterranean Press, and illustrated by myself is out today? Well, it is! Woohoo! Huzzah! Excited flail!

 Kitteh endorsed!

Kitteh endorsed!

As of this writing, the super fancy lettered addition is sold out and the limited edition is VERY CLOSE to being sold out. So, if you've been holding out on getting the physical copy, you don't have much time left. 


Get the thing!


They are also available in digital versions wherever books in bytes are sold, such as these convenient establishments.



Barnes & Noble




There is a delightful write up about the book on Scalzi's site if by some chance you do not know yet what this book is about. He answers all the questions.

 Also, pupper approved!

Also, pupper approved!

Subterranean Press did an absolutely gorgeous job with these books. I have to say, I'm quite smitten with them. Also, I'm deeply honored I had the opportunity to be a part of this amazing project. Huge thanks to everyone involved!

First Look at Miniatures by John Scalzi and an Interview!

Author John Scalzi received his copy a few weeks ago and it's a thing of beauty. 


Check it out over at John's site!


The lettered edition is sold out (Woohoo!) and--from what the SubPress elves have whispered to me--there aren't very many copies of the limited edition left. Good news, though, there still is time to pre-order your copy. AND! This also includes a copy of the ebook.


It's a super delightful collection of bite sized humorous fiction and I highly recommend--which I would do even if I didn't have a hand in this project. It's just good stuff, folks. So good.


Here's that pre-order link again


ALSO! SubPress was kind enough to interview John and myself about this book. It's a bite sized interview in the theme of the book. Thanks to Gwenda Bond for interviewing us!


Thanks again to everyone at SubPress and John for making this book a thing!






UPDATE (12/28/16): I received my copies yesterday and they are glorious. Behold the glory.