In which I was on a boat... mostly

Sand Cthulhu!Last week I was on a boat. It was a good boat. Nice and big and full of seamonkeys, games, fezzes, games, beardalos, fezzes, and geeky famous peoples.

Piratical anagrams were anagrammed.

Warm water was swam in.

Not even the bottom of the sea was safe from our influence.

Sand things were built.


Ukuleles were played.

Pencils were artisanally sharpened.

Geometric shapes were made out of body parts.

Moustaches spontaneously sprouted into glorious follicle panache on every available surface.

Things were organized.

Seamonkeys were sketched.

Met all kinds of people and we... we mucked everyone. Sluice box muckin', that is.

Oh, and there was music too.

You should have been there.

And then normality was restored (except for the occasional swaying).

And I suspect Mr. Coughing-Guy-Behind-Me on the flight home may have contributed to my resulting travel crud.

But! While I was on the boat, I happened to release a few creatures in the form of art cards into the wild. <seamonkeys> If you happen to have adopted one of these guys from the game room, I'd be absolutely tickled to know where they ended up. Please contact me with photos and/or highly exaggerated stories about their adventures and/or just a "howdy". Thanks! </seamonkeys>

Yay! More photos! Yay!

Cthulhu Art Cards

I do love this set. I mean, really, what's there not to love about Cthulhu? OK, so there's that whole evil madness and unspeakable horrors thing. But aside from that, it's completely lovable. Also, I hear the holidays are fast approaching. You know, this would make a fine gift. Just sayin'.

Available for purchase - Etsy $15 SOLD.

Doodle Swap #11 - Hybrid Animals

Doodle Swap, for those unfamilar is a fun little project in which a group of folks sign up and doodle a small set of art cards to trade amongst each other. You can find more information about this project at the Doodle Swap website. Not all of the rounds have themes. This round, there was a theme and it was hybrid animals.

It's always such an enjoyable little project. I highly recommend participating.

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Crossing Over


The townsfolk celebrated the day the great worm bypass bridge was finally finished. Too long had they been forced to take the small line ferry ten miles down the road to reach the other side of their town. The great divide caused by the sudden deep chasm of writhing giant worms, which had plowed straight through the center of their town over a hundred years ago, was now being mended. They could be a whole community once more.


Done for the Doodle Swap Project #7 - Theme: Dreams/Nightmares

3.5 in x 2.5 in

Pen on Bristol.