TweetArt #2: Biblical Plague Chips

It's going to revolutionize the snack industry, I tell you! Coming soon, first born son and frog flavor!

This came from the following tweets from Rae:
2007.09.25: Raeski @minitotoro. Firstborn son flavour seems to be sold out.
2007.09.25: Raeski Roast Ox is quite a biblical flavour of crisp. Along with donkey flavour and locust and river of blood flavour.

You can read more of her thoughts on the matter here.

Sorry, but I Americanized it a bit. Your extra vowels and alternative word for chips confuses us. ;)

TweetArt #1: Robo Swarm

This is a new idea I thought I would try. Every so often I have found that comments made on Twitter have brought forth some interesting images. This is actually the second tweet inspired piece (the first being Space Kittens), but I'm just going to call it #1 anyway. So, here's my idea. I will do a tweet inspired piece every few weeks. Granted this isn't exactly an original idea as Beatnik Turtle did something similar with songs. So, folks, let's see some inspiring tweets!

This first (-ish) image was inspired from the following tweets.

2007.09.07: mightymur The robots! They're swarming!
2007.09.07: mightymur the robots! they're eating pie!