Sketchbook: On a Boat, A Skechification

Hey, look! Drawings that aren't cartoons! Weird. Why didn't I bust out the googly eyes and banana fingers? Well, I don't challenge myself to go all realistic in my drawing style very often. And you know what? As out of my comfort zone as it was, it was a great experience. What did I learn? For starters, keep things loose. I tried not to worry about proportions or messing up. Each sketch was three minutes. There was no time for that. Also, as Marian pointed out to everyone who didn't want to participate because they claimed they couldn't draw, "have you seen XKCD?" Exactly. Next time I may be brave enough to try this in pen. :) Thanks to all the wonderful seamonkeys that let us draw you for three to four minutes (on average). Also, thanks to Marian and whomever else was involved in setting up these ninja drawing sessions. They were FANTASTIC. Also2, Stepto wins the award of the most blissful expression of the night (last sketch).

 Marian Call Chicazul Madonna-esque    Fruity drink     Stepto in bliss


"Some day you too will wander the wooded wastes, wrapped in your own tattered hopes and fears." She said.

"With each step you will feel your bindings tighten their grip." She said.

"With each other step you will feel your bindings falling, tattered, to the forest floor, soiled and left behind." She said.

She shuffled back into the barren trees of winter, white hair and white wrappings fading, and becoming one with the white bark.

As for myself,  I turned my attention back to the Boreal chickadee I had been admiring a little while before; a new species for my life list.