New Redbubble Store!

Hello! I bring you glad tidings on this fine day. I recently moved my store items over to Redbubble and added a bunch more images for making into things. Shirts! Mugs! Phone cozies! Stickers! Fancy pants! Bananas! So many things!


There are still a couple images I need to move, and I have not finished formatting and adding all my skull critter images. If there is something you'd like to see expedited, please let me know and I'll do my darndest to get it up ASAP.


In the meantime please to check out my new spiffy shop!

Geek Girl Con 2017!

Greetings all! I will be at Geek Girl Con in Seattle this weekend. I'll be hanging out on the exhibitor floor, table G118. A corner table! Fancy! If you're attending, please stop by and say hi, just look for the giant Pallas's cat. 


2017 Solar Eclipse!

Are you excited for the solar eclipse? I know I am AND I'm lucky enough to live at 99% totality! Excite!


In honor of the event I made a few graphics and also because I wanted a t-shirt. :)

If you too would like a t-shirt or mug or whatevs, they are available as such things via these handy links:


Eclipse Map (Blue)

Eclipse Map

Eclipse Ring


Does anyone have any exciting plans for eclipse day? I haven't decided yet if I'm going to venture into the mayhem to find totality or just chill at my house with 99% totality.


Want to learn more about the event? NASA has a great info page.

Action Cats! Kickstarter


Today is the launch day for Action Cats!, a game by Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis of the fabulous Twogether Studios, with Angela M. Webber from Doubleclicks Records for project management, and myself for the box art!

 If you think your cat would make the puuurfect action cat, you have the opportunity to submit your fiesty feline's photo to become one of the game's official action cats! 


I know, it's very exciting! Check out the Kickstarter for the full details and to get your own copy of Action Cats!

Indiana Thor

Here is a recent commission for the premise, if Indiana Jones had found Mjölnir and was found worthy of its power. Thus, Indiana Thor!

I started with a few rough concepts to work out the design based upon a bunch of Thor/Jones research.

Once a concept was decided upon, I moved onto a sketch that included changes from the feedback I received. A more Thor outfit was requested while keeping the iconic hat, shoulder bag, and whip of Jones.

Next came inks.

And then a bunch stuff ultimately resulting in the final painting. :)