These are the web-comics I create either by myself or with the collaboration from some very talented friends.

Cthulhu Slippers

A Lovecraftian themed comic. This is what happens when the Great Old Ones rise from the deep and run a mega-corporation.



What happens when you put an elf, a dwarf, an owlbear, and an ogre in the same apartment building? We’re not sure either, but Over-Encumbered is discovering the answer to this question and many other of life’s mysteries.

Radio Isopod

The adventures of the submersible sailing vessel, the S.S. Isopod, and her crew of mad scientists and scalawags. Giant squid, cantankerous robots, and experiments gone awry, oh my!

This comic is complete.

The Secret Lair

The Secret Lair is an online magazine and podcast dedicated to world domination and the plight of the grown-up geek. The webcomic deals with the details of running such an establishment and the trials and tribulations that are encountered along the way. Who knew running a secret lair could be so… complicated?

This comic is complete.

All Write!

All Write! follows the adventures of a group of writers as they practice their craft.  This is a collaboration between Jared Axelrod and myself for I Should be Writing. Jared writes the scripts and I provide the art.

This comic is complete.

The archive can be found here.