Obligatory Seasonal Holiday Post (the second): I make stuff too!

duck-bananaIt’s true. I do make stuff. In case you or someone you know likes art type things, I have a few such things for sale.


I’m happy to take commissions. For delivery before Christmas, please order before Dec. 10th. For anything more specific, please contact me.

Original Art and Prints

I have a few pieces of original art for sale up at my Etsy site. If there is a specific image I’ve done you’d like a print of, please contact me.

Shirts, Mugs, Onesies, etc.

I have a few designs, including the dapper duck to the right, on shirts and other merch. over at my Spreadshirt shop.


Good news everyone!

I have a Patreon campaign now! Woo!



Mainly it’s to help out with the operation of my comic Over-Encumbered, but I’m not limiting it to just that. I talk about all this, reward tiers for supporters, and more over on my Patreon page. Please check it out if you fancy supporting my artwork. If not, there’s also a delightful video highlighting my on-camera awkwardness – so, totally well worth the visit.


Year of the Churro!

If you were wondering what happens when I let one of John Scalzi’s tweets ferment in my head for far too long, this happens. Plus, you know, I’m just doing my part to fulfill the MOAR CHURROS thing. Thanks, John, for all the silliness. I, for one, am eager to hear of your next churro adventure.

Also, the sugar coated steed does not have a name yet. I think I will leave that task up to you, dear internet. I suspect you shall not disappoint.


(P.S. WOOOO! ANOTHER SNOW DAY IN PORTLAND! Stay home Portlanders, you don’t know how to do snow.)

UPDATE: Thanks so much to John for honoring me with this charming post about my image. You’re making me blush all sorts of colors over here. Also, welcome to all the Whatever readers who have found themselves on my humble little site. Also, also, a challenge has been issued to out best me at Scalzi themed fan art. I’m sure there’s someone out there up for this. I encourage any and all attempts (and successes). This is an exercise in silliness and creating awesome things, after all. :)



Operation Month of Monsters Complete

I’m happy to report that this year’s Month of Monsters challenge was a resounding success. Not only did I finish the self-imposed challenge, but a few other folks participated as well. I’m hoping next year will be bigger and better. :)

My favorites of everyone who participated are these – but really, they are all fantastic:


That’s Monstrous

Why, Hello There

Don’t Ask

On Being Prepared

The Whatsit

Skalgreth, Devourer of Life

Grollint of the Basin

The Nothing Under The Bed

My submission favorites are the following. All my monsters can be seen here.


I’m planning on coloring all of these at some point. When I do, I’ll put them up in my Etsy store. If there is anything anyone wants, now is the time to make requests for specific pieces. I’ll also color them by request.

Sparks McGee American Black Ale


I just realized I had been remiss in posting about this label and homebrew I made. Thankfully, I was reminded that more Sparks McGee is always a good thing. Also, my inspiration for the label came from here (thanks Wil!).

I created this recipe over the winter as a pure mad science experiment in brewing. I was curious to see what an oaked IPA – a dark IPA, or what is now known as the American-Style Black Ale – would be like. The short answer, AMAZESAUCE.

I was aiming for something that had that nice citrus hop profile but with the fantastic vanilla overtones you get from oaking. I think I hit the mark pretty well. However, next time I think I’m going to use oak cubes instead of chips to maximize the vanilla without as much woodiness. We put this brew directly into keg (our first kegged brew, actually) and I was surprised by how well it aged. Normally the hoppy brews don’t age so well.

For those interested, the current recipe is over at BrewToad.

This has quickly become one of our favorite recipies and we have plans to brew it again in the very near future.