Example Commission


Each commission is $30, approximately 5″ x 7″ at 300ppi, and digitally illustrated. Personal use only. Black and white or grey-scale also available upon request (please include this in the commission details below if you don’t want full color). Please avoid excessive details and backgrounds in your request for best results.  If you want something small (like a little avatar), very detailed, for commercial use, or just want to throw ideas around, contact me. Artist choice is also an option if you don’t have anything specific in mind.
What do you want me to draw?


Original Art and other handmade goodness can be found at my Etsy Shop.

T-Shirts and Other Things!

Shirts and prints and other things! Spreadshirt Shop DeviantArt Shop   One day I will make one store to rule them all, but today is not that day. Also, if anyone knows of a good service that can combine a few or all of these and doesn’t charge a stupid amount for the products, please let me know. Thanks!