Nearly Daily Sketchdump

In an effort to tighten up my skills, I’m going to post daily sketches to my Tumblr site, affectionately named Davy Jones’ Academy of Moderate Dampness for no apparent reason. Well… the reasoning was that if Davy Jones did have an Academy it would be, at the very least, moderately damp. Any other rationale behind the name is lost, tossed into to my well of whims long ago.

Why there and not here? Well, mostly because I like to keep this blog for thoughts and mostly finished work. However, I may do a monthly “best of” post here.

So, if you have any interest in my terrible attempts at producing non-cartoony anatomy and other miscellany, feel free to follow this Tumblr stream.

There may also be the occasional cat because the internet is made of cats. In fact, the internet would explode if we didn’t keep feeding it cat imagery. This is a well known phenomenon. I’m just doing my part to make sure the internet doesn’t explode.

You’re welcome.

To sum up, go look at my Tumblr for silly sketches and possibly cats.

Season’s Greetings!


Yes, I realize it’s a bit late, but that plague bronchitis I had really killed my pre-Christmas progress. BUT it’s now finally done, so YAY! Also, tentacles! Hooray!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and New Year’s!

Looking back to look forward

(a.k.a. bye 2013, hello 2014)

I’m not one for resolutions, but I thought it might be self-educational to break down what I actually did accomplish illustration-wise last year. I think it’s the curse of the creative to underestimate accomplishments, and while the logical part of me knows I did do quite a bit this year, I still have that nagging feeling that I really didn’t do much. So, in an effort to put the dickish part of my brain in its place, here’s a breakdown of what and how many pieces I did complete in 2013.

  • 13: Cthulhu Slippers Season 1
  • 1: Cthulhu Slippers Logo
  • 31: Month of Monsters (4 colored)
  • 1: Thursday’s Children eBook Cover
  • 6: Thursday’s Children Spot Illustrations
  • 1: Beyond the Wall Podcast Logo
  • 1: Consumption Podcast Logo
  • 4: 23 in ’13 Challenge (3 colored)
  • 1: King of Beards Commission
  • 15: Doodle Swap #14 and #15
  • 3: Homebrew Labels
  • 1: End of Flesh eBook Cover
  • 1: Bedtime Stories for Badasses eBook Cover
  • 2: Scalzi Fanart (Redshirts and Snailquake)
  • 1: Doubleclicks Fan Art
  • 1: 512 Words or Fewer Fan Art
  • 1: CmarauderCon Badge

Total pieces: 84

Holy crap… 84?! I was much more productive than I thought I was. Interesting. That’s not even counting all the sketches and doodles. Huzzah!

While I only did 4 pieces specifically for the 23 in ’13 Challenge, I think I’m going to call that a success since my goal at the start was to create at least 23 large full-color finished pieces (I did 32 of those). Because my jerk brain keeps searching for some way to make it seem like I still didn’t do all that much (stupid brain), I’m now curious how many of those I consider portfolio pieces.



Not bad, but I think I could do better on that account.

Where to go from here:

  • Keep working to improve my digital painting (I’m working through Chris Oatley’s Magic Box Course)
  • Make an effort to draw every day and to work on weak areas in those sketches
  • Start a Patreon campaign for a personal webcomic I developed in 2013 (more on that later)
  • Do more work, and do good work.

How about you? What challenges did you face completing your creative goals last year? What lessons have you learned to improve your work process in the future?

As for me, my challenge was always feeling like I never had time to work on anything. It’s strange saying that now that I have a numerical value to contradict that feeling. I did get things done, and quite a lot (for me at least – full time professional artists typically crank out more). Working on things just one little bit at a time does produce results even if it doesn’t feel like progression at the time.

Anyway, just a bit of self reflection.

Time to work on something. :)

Cthulhu Slippers: Cookies and Hastur

CS_page7 Because I was suffering from the plague bronchitis last week, I didn’t get a chance to say anything about last week’s comic. So, yeah… cookies. It’s sad when they run out. Or something. Did I mention I’ve been sick?

Check out the full comic at Cthulhu Slippers.







Sometimes it better to check the office directory before pulling out the human sacrifice. Sometimes. Check out the full comic.

New Webcomic – Cthulhu Slippers!

Good news everyone!

I can finally let you know about the thing I’ve been working on for the last few months. Cthulhu Slippers, the comic! Written by Andrew Jack and illustrated by myself.

The Great Old Ones have arisen! All hail their mega-coorporation, Cthulhucorp! The comic follows the trials of two cooworkers as they endure all that their job can throw at them – tentacles and all.

The comic updates every Monday. Check it out at



I was approached in the spring by author Andrew Jack  about the possibility of making this a reality. How could I say no, right? Plus, TENTACLES!

The first four comics are already released. Please stop on by and let us know what you think. If you like the comic, please spread the word.

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn. ;)