Good news everyone!

I have a Patreon campaign now! Woo!



Mainly it’s to help out with the operation of my comic Over-Encumbered, but I’m not limiting it to just that. I talk about all this, reward tiers for supporters, and more over on my Patreon page. Please check it out if you fancy supporting my artwork. If not, there’s also a delightful video highlighting my on-camera awkwardness – so, totally well worth the visit.


Parsec Awards Ceremony @ DragonCon2014



Hey everyone who is going to DragonCon! Do you like podcasts? Do you like music? Do you like seeing awesome podcasters winning awards for all their wonderful hard work to provide you with free entertainment? Sure you do.

The 9th Annual Parsec Awards Ceremony is happening this Sunday @ 6PM, in the Hyatt Regency V room at DragonCon2014. If you’re free, why not stop by to support all these wonderful folks?

Tom Merritt and Justin Robert Young are this year’s fabulous hosts. Also, the brilliant Sarah Donner will be there to fill your ears with delightful music (please buy all her stuff including her new album “That is a Pegasus”).

P.G. Holyfield

UPDATE: On August 20th 2014, at 11:20pm, P.G. Holyfield — author of Murder at Avedon Hill — lost his very short battle with cancer. Rest in peace, Patrick.


A couple days ago we were told our friend, author and podcaster, P.G. Holyfield was fighting an extremely aggressive form of cancer. As in, please hurry up and send him your messages, time may be terribly limited to do so. It happened incredibly fast, from him not feeling well in July, to, well, this.

I write this as we are visiting the UK for the second time. The first time my mother was fighting cancer, and unbeknownst to us, only had a couple more months. I only mention this because memory is so tied to place. Where were you when… This is such a terrible disease that needs a cure. Scratch that, all terrible diseases need cures.

Patrick is a wonderful author, and if you haven’t read his novel, “Murder at Avedon Hill” (also available as an audiobook) I highly recommend this brilliant fantasy mystery that truly and delightfully surprised me at the end. It has, and will remain, in a place of honor on my bookshelf. Thank you, Patrick, for such a great story. I know I’ve told you before, but it deserves repeating.

Patrick also is a prolific podcaster, who has lent his voice to many productions as well as his own creations, such as Beyond the Wall, and Consumption podcasts.

I’m honored that Patrick had chosen me to illustrate so many of his creative endeavors, and to call him a friend. Thank you, Patrick. I’m glad I was able to work with you. It’s always pleasure, even with the color thing. :)

If you’d like to help out Patrick’s family with the inevitable piles of hospital bills for Patrick to be as comfortable as possible for the time he has, and to help out his three girls, a fund is available here:

The Doubleclicks Dimetrodon Shirt! (and other ways to not be naked)

Hey everyone! A few weeks ago I was asked by the lovely and talented Doubleclicks to design them a cute, full of positive attitude Dimetrodon shirt to match their wonderful Dimetrodon song. And here it is!* NOTE: Their store is only open for online orders until Tues. (Aug. 5, 2014). Afterwards, merch. will only be available at shows (and whenever the online store opens up again). Buy them all! :)


The Doubleclicks are going on tour soon. I highly recommend checking out one of their shows if they happen to be coming to your town. Here’s their tour schedule.


This other design was swimming around in my brain for a while so I thought I would make it a thing. Shirts and stuff are available over at my Society6 site**.


Go forth and clothe yourself!

* Wearing Dimetrodon shirt will not turn you into a Dimetrodon, although you are more than welcome to pretend that it does.

** I’m slowly migrating all my other shirt designs over to Society6.


Super Webcomic Update! (a.k.a. my inability to provide regular updates on these)

So…. it’s been *eyes calender* oh geez, a month since I did one of these. Y’all follow my comics on their own, right? RIGHT?

Does anyone find value in these updates or should I just let the comics do their own thing without this aggregation?

At any rate, here are the last month worth of comics. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

s02e16 Over at Cthulhu Slippers, incompetence is put to the ultimate test.
CS_2-17 Nyar tries again at being covert.
CS_2-18 Something about never looking a gift squid in the mouth.
CS_2-19 Do you really need to print thatReally?
thehelp Over at Over-Encumbered we learn about housecleaning.
cleaning In which Yukon gets a little too frisky with the help.
welldone The great fire orb claims another victim.
fishybusiness In which there is some trouble with the neighbor’s summoning.
diresituation Rodent control can be a tricky business.