Year of the Churro!

If you were wondering what happens when I let one of John Scalzi’s tweets ferment in my head for far too long, this happens. Plus, you know, I’m just doing my part to fulfill the MOAR CHURROS thing. Thanks, John, for all the silliness. I, for one, am eager to hear of your next churro adventure.

Also, the sugar coated steed does not have a name yet. I think I will leave that task up to you, dear internet. I suspect you shall not disappoint.


(P.S. WOOOO! ANOTHER SNOW DAY IN PORTLAND! Stay home Portlanders, you don’t know how to do snow.)

UPDATE: Thanks so much to John for honoring me with¬†this charming post about my image. You’re making me blush all sorts of colors over here. Also, welcome to all the Whatever readers who have found themselves on my humble little site. Also, also, a challenge has been issued to out best me at Scalzi themed fan art. I’m sure there’s someone out there up for this. I encourage any and all attempts (and successes). This is an exercise in silliness and creating awesome things, after all. :)



12 thoughts on “Year of the Churro!

  1. I like Scalzi’s descriptor for species (churrocorn), and it’s such a happy creature it needs an upbeat name…Cinnamon Rainbow, perhaps?

  2. What LMAshton said. This is the best thing ever! And Scalzissimo is delighted by it, which adds yet another layer of wonderfulness.

  3. Beautiful. You are awesome.

    And Our Glorious Lord Scalzi is pleased. Extremely so. Which is awesome, too.

  4. Scalia on a churrocorn! Now I truly, indeed, have something to occupy my dreams tonite….whether I want them to or not ;-). Great stuff

  5. Thanks everyone for all your wonderful words. All your names are equally wonderful too. Although, if the delicious steed were my beast, I think I’d lean towards @CWilliams’ suggestion of “Cinnamon Rainbow”. :D

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