Sesquipedalian Philosophization, Exclamatory Inebriation

Here’s a home brew label I did for a friend for another friend… if that makes sense. *checks math* Yup, that’s right.


Also, just a friendly reminder that I’m happy to do home brew commissions. Email me for a quote.

3 thoughts on “Sesquipedalian Philosophization, Exclamatory Inebriation

  1. @Nuchtchas – Thanks! You’re in luck because Jason made it, not Cmar. It’s just in honor of him. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly harmless in responsible doses. :)

  2. Let me just say that I don’t know which is better – your label, or Jason’s brew. I will resolve this conflict by saying that the resultant product is epic, and humbling, and touching, and awesome.

    Thank you so much. *kowtows*

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