Sketchbook: Beware (and Owl)

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Yay! A new sketchbook!

I decided to splurge and get myself a nice moleskine watercolor book. So far I don’t regret this decision. The owl on the left was done in pencil and the critters on the right were done in pen and gouache watercolor. I’m finding that I really like gouache.

This gets me wondering… what things are new for you as the holiday season approaches? Are you trying out anything new – experimenting with anything? Anyone creating greeting cards or homemade gifts this year? I’m curious to see what others are up to. Feel free to discuss your recent or planned creations in the comments. Shameless self promotion is encouraged. :)

2 thoughts on “Sketchbook: Beware (and Owl)

  1. well… i haven’t technically been working on the following things since film school is currently taking up all of my time. however, these are things that i have worked on in the past around the holidays.

    this is a greeting card “company” i created with my old roommate a few years back. i don’t know why it’s still up since we haven’t been peddling them for ages.

    okay, i stole this picture, but i make one of these every year and give it to someone as a christmas present. if i’m working fast, the whole thing takes me about 8 hours. they’re very pretty.

    also, despite my origami prowess, i’m still quite manly.

    that is all.

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