Ganges River Dolphins

If you think botos (Amazon River dolphins - Inia geoffrensis) are neat, I recommend checking out their cousins on the other side of the world, the Ganges River dolphin (Platanista gangetica).  



This is a fun little personal project piece. It took me two tries to get the playful creepy cute vibe I was going for. I finished one piece completely, then decided I could do better. Lesson of the day is don't be afraid to redo something completely if you're not satisfied with the result!

Prints and stuff available.

Rose City Comic Con Sept. 10-11!

This coming weekend is Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon. I'll be at table J-15 in artist alley. This is my second time tabling at Rose City. It's a great convention and everyone there is wonderful. I highly recommend if you are in the area. Please come by and say hi!


Fly, why are you buzzing around my head bonking into my face? Does my face look like outside? No. It does not. Oh, you're a metaphor. Well, carry on, I guess, if you must.

A silly little animation I made on a sticky note, because reasons.

Miniatures Cover Revealed!

Subterranean Press recently revealed the cover to Miniatures by John Scalzi. Now I can finally show you all what I've been working on. Yay! Behold!

There is also interior spot illustrations at the beginning of each story. However, you have to get the book to see those. Mwaahaahaahaa! ::drops link::




Oh, would you look at that. There's the link to buy the book. How convenient!


ADDITIONALLY! Today's the last day (8/26/16) to enter to win an ARC of the book from Subterranean by retweeting @SubPress's post.

I've enjoyed this project immensely. All the behind the scenes folks at Subterranean Press and John Scalzi have been beyond wonderful to work with, and the material was super fun to illustrate too. Thanks all!

Parsec Awards Ceremony Announced!

The annual Parsec Awards Ceremony was recently announced. Are going to Dragon Con this year? If so, be sure to check out the Awards Ceremony. This year's entertainment is, the Very Funny Lady herself, comedian Leighann Lord!

This is the eleventh year of the Parsec Awards. You can find out more information about the awards over at their site. Additionally, this is the third year I've been helping out as part of the steering committee. This year we have a great lineup of exceptional spec. fic. podcasts. Even if you are unable to make the ceremony--which will also be streamed live--be sure to check out the finalists for some great podcasts. Good luck and congratulations to all the finalists!