The Doubleclicks New Song - Möbius

Hey Everyone!


In case you haven't seen, The Doubleclicks released a new song today as part of Kickstarter's Election Issues Project.


There's also a fun "Make Your Own Möbius" worksheet The Doubleclicks made with the help of myself and Rich Malena. 


Check it out!

This video was made in conjunction with "Kickstarter Election Issues." Get an exclusive Doubleclicks "Möbius" worksheet (with cats!) and learn more at: The political climate is extremely frustrating right now, and the amount of hate and fear that is in this election, in our country, on the internet, in the world-is hitting us all.

Miniatures goes to the printer!

Good news everyone!


Miniatures by John Scalzi, illustrated by myself, is going to the printers! This means it'll be an actual touchable in your hands glorious thing in December. This is earlier than the original early 2017 publication estimate. Woo!


Here's the official announcement from Subterranean Press: John Scalzi’s MINIATURES goes to the printer


Pre-orders are still open AND an ebook version is included with each pre-order.




Inktober, Week 3!

I'm almost caught up. Nearly there.

Inktober, Week 2!

Week 2! Which was... uh... a week ago. Ppffft, technicalities. Anyway, here's the sketch dump all prettied up just for you. 

Reminder... this month, for Patreon patrons at the $5 and above levels, I will send you one random signed print from all my InkTober sketches. 

Oregon Reads Aloud: A Collection of 25 Children's Stories by Oregon Authors and Illustrators

SMART is an Oregon organization that provides one-on-one reading support and books to kids in need, working to get kids excited about reading. This year is their 25th anniversary, and in celebration, they collaborated with area authors and illustrators to create this charming book of 25 children's stories. I was honored to fill the illustrator roll for the charming story  "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel" by Curtis C. Chen about a very young astronaut. 

Illustration preview from "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel" by Curtis C. Chen.

Illustration preview from "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel" by Curtis C. Chen.

This book is a beautiful collection featuring an amazing variety of stories. For more information about SMART and what they do, please visit their site. If you'd like to order the book, it's available now for pre-orders and everywhere books are sold on Oct. 18th.