Cascadia Buddies

Here's a little graphic I've been working on. It's now done and available in various physical forms on my Society 6 site.

The idea for this one came when I drew a cute little face on a background Mount Hood for one of the Over-Encumbered comics. It had me wondering what sort of personalities each of the Cascade volcanoes would have.

Cthulhu Slippers and Over-Encumbered Webcomics!

For those that are new to my work I just wanted to let you delightful folks know I currently have two webcomics updating on a weekly basis.


The first is Cthulhu Slippers, a Lovecraftian office comedy set in a post Great Old One Arises world where the elder gods attempt to run a mega-corporation. The comic is written by Andrew Jack and illustrated by myself. There is a Patreon campaign to support this comic and we now have a mech store! Woo! Swag!

The second is Over-Encumbered, a everyday comedy that follows the lives of fantasy characters living in the real-ish world of Portland, Oregon.  This comic is written and illustrated by myself. There is also a Patreon campaign to support this comic as well as my other personal projects. Patrons get fun stuff like a high resolution wallpaper of this fellow below as well as behind the scenes stuff and early access to projects.